We want to introduce you to the Faith Baptist Church Youth Group and briefly give you an overview of why Faith Baptist Church sponsors a youth group.

Faith Baptist Church exists to glorify God, and we seek to glorify Him specifically through obedience to the Great Commission as recorded in Matthew 28:19 & 20.  Therefore, the basic reasons we have a youth group include offering teens the opportunity to:

1) Glorify and enjoy God.

2) Grow in spiritual maturity.

3) To verbally and visually demonstrate what Christ means to them before others.

Our belief is that young people can have meaningful fellowship in a Christian atmosphere and have great fun!  Prayerfully, we seek to encourage and develop wholesome, mature, Christ-like young people.

Some time back, the youth had a great time the very exciting, faith-affirming Creation Museum near Cincinatti. Click here for more about the Creation Museum designed by Answers in Genesis.

We would also like for you to know something about our goals  and objectives for our teenagers.  A Bible challenge is included at almost all of our activities with the goal of clearly presenting the claims of the gospel of Christ to each young person.

Our objective is that every person in our youth group may know Jesus Christ and that they may live for the Lord.  We do believe that the Holy Spirit uses biblical instruction to change attitudes and behavior.

Typical activities include: Game night,  Ice Skating, Paint Ball, Softball and other special activities and trips.  Costs vary according to the activity.  If you are between 13 and 17 years old or are entering the seventh grade plan now to attend our next meeting.